Superbowl Sunday, Yarnbowl Everyday.

Knit Giants Hats- Free Ravelry Download- Photo Mandy Powers at

Two things have been off the heezy (translation: very popular) over the past few months…

Football. obvs.


Yarnbowls. Pottery used to protect your yarn while you knit.

As much as theblackstitch would love The NY GIants to WINWINWIN, football isn’t necessarily theblackstitch’s forte. Therefore, we shall focus on a BOWL a little closer to home.


White Ridge Crafts Yarn Bowl

Worst case scenarios:

1. You are knitting away endlessly, only to slowly, but surely realize you have lost the ball attached to your knitting, while noticing its demise under the couch you have neglected to clean for a time period that should remain nameless.

2. While watching your favorite episode of the ___________ (let’s not fight about which city of the Real Housewives is better.) You realize your cat/dog does not truly understand the difference between a toy and extremely-expensive-hand-dyed-hand-spun-beaded cashmere which took you hours to wind, while being the last skein of its dye-lot on this godforsaken planet.

3. You know angora mohairs are totally in this season, but that #@$@%! ball of yarn is ruining your vintage sofa and getting all over your brand new skinny jeans.



yarn bowl

White Ridge Crafts Yarn Bowl

A collaboration between messy knitters and innovative potters. The newest accessory in this industry and the most useful. Keep that yarn dirt free, animal free, and your sofa shed free. Could you ask for anything more?

Put that “mind of it’s own” ball of yarn in its place once and for all.

*Yarnbowls are available directly from White Ridge Crafts or Knit New Haven

Did we mention- LET’S GO GIANTS!

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2 Responses to Superbowl Sunday, Yarnbowl Everyday.

  1. Ljknits says:

    Wow! Great idea. Can’t wait to get one. A terrific gift for a knitting buddy who has everything too!

  2. Love this post! Cannot Wait to get a Yarn Bowl!! And YAY for a Giants WIN!

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