Damn straight I made it.

So what if that amazing summer sweater from ZARA is only an effortless $79.90. So what if you know knitting it will most likely cost you an arm and a leg. (Don’t even think of mentioning the word acrylic- it’s worse than saying you think “knitting’s for grandmas”). And, let’s not even discuss the cost of your time. And, you know that your time is more precious than anyone else’s.  BUT, with that semi-fabulous store-bought and affordable sweater, can you say that you are the one that actually made it??  Nope. There is always that #winning feeling that no matter how much time and money goes into knitting, the satisfaction of telling your comrades that you, in fact, designed and knit this hot-to-trot garment gracing your body, beats any shopping find. Ever.

Zara.com Sweater $79.90

Here is the latest and greatest of theblackstitch’s very own adaptation of Zara‘s V-neck sweater that not only is perfectoooo for summer- like over a bikini or worn with anything, anyday for that matter. Plus, who is anybody this Spring who is not wearing a neon color? Nobody. So we’re throwing out the drabby drab beiges of winter and swapping it for a hot shade of sunshine yellow. Just imagine your sun kissed skin in this little number. Knit it sooner rather than later.  It’s basically summer already. #wishfulthinking

New and improved Zara sweater!

for this free, fun, fantastic, and fabulous pattern- click below! FORREALZ. 

phree pattern

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2 Responses to Damn straight I made it.

  1. ljknits says:

    I love this blog. and the sweater is really fab- u-lous! keep those phree patterns coming..

  2. Sal Kaye says:

    Wow! Absolutely love the yellow sweater.

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