THE REVIEW- Vogue Knitting WINTER 11/12

You may not have seen it yet. It may not have graced your mailbox. The pages have not yet been flipped. But for all you non believers out there… this issue is worth the wait. With only a few days left in 2011, this is THE fashion forward knitting magazine you’ve been waiting for.

theblackstitch compiled a list of the best of the best. (Of the best issue that is.)  But first we must commend the designers and editors behind this… can I say it… Avant Garde Issue. Maybe its not avant garde to the extreme but, it is the description of its title- VOGUE. Having spent a summer in those Soho offices as a college intern almost 5 years ago, knowing the time, effort, and man power that goes into each issue is mind blowing. So let us thank you Vogue Knitting for ending our year on its finest.

1. Let us start with the cover. Not to mention the Hottie Botottie model, whoever decided on HOT PINK font is a genius.  Grey + Hot pink = photoshop brilliance.

2. The home section. This happens so rarely… finally more pillows than socks. It’s about time. The number one creme de la creme… drumroll… is Tahki‘s Seed Stitch Ottoman Cover. Tripled “Big Montana“? Make way for some large and in charge yarn. And don’t forget to knit the matching pillow covers people!

3. THE Drape Front Sweater. There’s not much to say except kudos to Roberta Rosenfeld for designing an easy and fabulous piece. You #nailedit.
4. Who said turbans weren’t all the rage? You’re right, no one! This headdress is a new take on the classic hat and headband. We’re into it.

5. This may be the first time when Vogue Knitting has actually started the trend. I do not lie. Knitted Skirts. Dare I mention that one of my first major projects was a lace skirt from Interweave Knits magazine. But hey, I have always been a little before my time! Whether there was a drama filled debate on Facebook about knitted skirts or not, Vogue has done them justice. Especially with this Missoni look-a-like…

So once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU Vogue Knitting for doing it right in 2011!

For the entire collection

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Lions and Tigers and Bears. O MY!

"lions and tigers and bears, o my!"

I swear this will be the last animal related post of the year. (Good thing it’s December 13th… ) Even though, real furs and skins are not my forte, animal print is by far an all time fave. (Faux- that is!) Besides fur knits and stoles, the most fabulous purchase of the season were my Boutique 9 tiger wide heeled pumps.(They’re on sale now!) As I learned at a young age, you simply can’t live without animal print shoes.  But that’s a story for another time.

The Debbie Bliss Magazine hit newsstands this holiday season with the promise for simple but wearable sweaters, cute baby dresses, and maybe some more of her cashmerino empire. But when flipping towards the end of this almost new periodical, no one was ready for the incredible and intricate graphs that braced the pages of this $7.99 purchase.

Seriously if you love intarsia half as much as I do, then pick up this mag before it’s too late. (No, really they do go out of print. It happens. I swear.) Decorate your apartment, house, or abuse the charts whichever way you please. You literally can’t go wrong.

debbie bliss pillow

And because this is promised to be theblackstitch’s final animal frenzy this year, you must also ready yourself for the ENTIRE tiger head charted for your delight at the end of this issue. IT IS UNREAL. RAWR!

(sorry for the blurry photos, but that should make you go pick up this issue ASAP!)

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I Stole it!

Flying off with the cape frenzy, take a look at the most recent OTN (on the needle) project by “theblackstitch”. “theblackstitch” just loves the truly classic vintage looks of the early 1900’s. And most favorite, would be the animal stole. (No, not the kind with the animal head hanging over your left shoulder.)

Quite the contrary, “theblackstitch” is super animal friendly, and no one would want PETA throwing red paint on them on their night out on the town. Therefore, let us all thank Filatura Di Crosa for their creative minds in the production of “LUPO”.

“LUPO”– probably not the most fascinating yarn name in this industry. (Just heard there are new yarns from S. Charles coming out named Rihanna, Kourtney, and Khloe. I swear.) Name aside, it is by far the most amazing faux fur yarn to hit the knitting world since… um? forever! And why you ask? It literally replicates real fur like no one’s business, and in the words of The Black Eyed Peas- “I just can’t get enough”.

So, in case you were hoping for a complicated animal stole, sorry. Even all you beginner knitters out there can make this fabulous piece. With some simple increases and decreases and maybe a full 45 minutes, you are done. This easy garter stitch wrap #killsit. (obviously with no killing involved.)

Lupo Stole by theblackstitch


Lupo Stole-

Filatura Di Crosa Lupo- 4 Balls

Gauge- 1.5 sts to 1”

Size 15 needle

 9”x 60

Cast on 1 st.

Row 1- (rs)- Inc into first st. knit to end of row

Row 2- (ws)- knit whole row

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you have 14 sts. On you needle

Then continue knitting straight until piece measures 50” from the beg. 

Decrease row- (rs)- k2tog knit to end of row

Next row- (ws)- knit whole row

Repeat these two rows until 1 st remains. Bind off. Weave in ends. 

P.S. Make sure you wear it with the most stunning vintage brooch. It’s just nothing without it.

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Cape Town

No not the southeast tip of Africa, but this concrete jungle called New York City has become one CAPE filled island. Fortunately for us knitters, there are thousands of patterns for fabulous over coats replicating this new found trend. And more fortunately for you, theblackstitch has done the research.

Fashion Capes

Granted, depending on your locale, cape weather can either last for a hot minute, or if you are fortunate maybe all season long. If the latter, lucky you for never having to break out those massive pouffy North Face monstrosities.  MORE FASHIONABLE CAPES! click there. seriously.

SO now for some knitted triangular pieces with arm slits which scream fashion right this very second. Before you start these knitting projects, make sure you have a purse that does not need to be thrown over your shoulder. (Screams trouble) Plus you will definitely need to make matching gloves or armwarmers for your bare limbs exposed to the elements.

knitted cape

Vogue Knitting Fall 2011

knitted cape

City Cape in Custom Knits

knitted cape

Lana Grossa Cape

knitted cape

Kim Hargreaves Cape

Knitted Cape

Drops Cape

knitted cape

Lion Brand Honey Comb Cape

Guess Little Red Riding Hood was fashionable before her time. 

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Channel Your Inner Chanel.

chanel logo

It’s about time theblackstitch dedicate an entire post to one of the most inspiring designers of all time. Coco Chanel has shaped this fashion frenzied world from clothing to makeup to its unforgettable fragrance: Chanel no. 5.

Besides the recognizable logo, the Chanel sweater jacket is most likely the most sought after and copied look to hit runways anywhere. In the knitting world… that Chanel inspired jacket is a go to move by designers, knit shops, and yarn companies everywhere.

For your own chance at this sought after look, check out some of these patterns and books from these sought after knit-wear designers.

chanel knitted jacket

Another Coco Jacket by Sally Melville

"Greetings from Knitcafe" By Mary Heather Cogar

Chanel Knitted Jacket

"Luxury Knitting" by Linda Morse

For the entire Chanel Ready to Wear 2012 collection see below. It’ll blow your mind.

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L.A. L.A. L.A.

Exclusive: VK LIVE LA

The little things at VK Live that made the trek across the country totally worth it…

You all love the classes, the marketplace buys, fashion shows, and meeting fellow knitters- but for those of you not on Avenue of the Stars that wonderful weekend in September, here are some things you truly missed…

knit dress

AMAZING knit dress. If only the pic was not taken on a blackberry.
knitted animal

CREEPIEST. Not sure whats going on here.

Knitted Glass. Is this not the coolest thing ever?


Old School Vogue...

Knitted Village. Impressive.

Good thing they just opened registration for VKLIVE NYC January 2012!!

See you there?

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Even though Spring is the last thing on our minds here in NYC, Fashion Week forced us to take a slight break from the post summer weather and pre- fall jitters to open our eyes to some of the upcoming 2012 fashions. Here’s a recap of theblackstitch’s top 10 knits for your Spring wardrobe… get out those needles before its too late! (Leave your vote of your fave knit)


1. Christian Dior Resort 2012

christopher kane

2. Christopher Kane Resort 2012

cynthia rowley

3. Cynthia Rowley Ready to Wear 2012

j. crew

4. J. Crew Ready to Wear 2012


5. M. Patmos Ready to Wear 2012


6. Mugler Resort 2012

christopher kane

7. Christopher Kane Ready to Wear 2012


8. Mulberry Ready to Wear 2012


9. M. Patmos Ready to Wear 2012

top shop

10. Top Shop Unique Ready to Wear 2012

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Fuzzy Wuzzy…

… was a bear?? Lets hope not for the sake of this blog.

Fur is in and by in- we mean everywhere. Runways, storefronts, department stores, and most importantly YARN. Faux Fur yarn is literally the absolute rage this season!

Take a peek at four glorious furs shown this season- to give you warmth for the upcoming months.

fur cape

fab fur cape-

fur vest

long fur vest-

fur cowl-

fur stole-

Now how bout you knit them yourself??? Anny Blatt has blessed us with NUMEROUS patterns that not only allow you to make these exceptional furs yourself, but spare the lives of all those furry creatures!

Knitted Fur Stole

Knitted Fur Vest

Knitted Fur Skirt

Knitted Fur Coat

Now let us not forget that the most recent issue of Vogue Knitting has quite the fur cowl, designed by the all mighty Vladimir  Teriokhin.

VK Fur Cowl


For the very first time- access to an original pattern from “theblackstitch”


Gold zippers down the front and wrists

theblackstitch FUR JACKET!

Click below for the exclusive and free faux fur jacket pattern!


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Chile me Silly

It’s a known fact that South America has a flourishing yarn and knitting industry, and that most of the Alpacas and llamas we see are Chilean, Peruvian, or Bolivian. So when at the gift show this week, it was not that crazy to see a huge Chilean booth, swarmed with knits and yarns to make any knitter go crazy. From felted necklaces to bobbled bags, to garter stitch slippers, and even yarn crafted jewelry, this booth was where it’s at! Here’s a few of their samples to whet your appetite!

Chile truly is cutting edge…

Yarn necklaces, rings, and bracelets!

Knitted shoes!

Felted Necklaces

Bobbled purse

Here is a list of the fabulous Chilean venders, check out their websites and incredible pieces of knitwear!




Chantal Bernsau


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Schlepping in Style.

We all know bags go in and out of style almost as fast as shoes. And while finding a great durable and stylish purse can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack, there is no need to have the same scavenger hunt when searching for the perfect knitting pouch or bag.

Not protecting your WIP (work in progress) from outside influences can be almost as destructive as leaving it in the backseat of taxi and not getting his license number. Leaving it unprotected or loose may lead to drop stitches, unraveling, or getting caught and tangled on your keys and that can be the sad end of your project. So choose some of the following stylish pouches and never have to deal with such a catastrophe! Besides, one can never have too many of these stylish carry-alls!!


Totes in every color- Baggu, $8


Plastic Pouch- Kate Spade, $70

Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag- SUCCAPLOKKI, $46

knitting leather pouch

Leather Medium Pouch- American Apparel, $50

knitting pouch

GoKnit Knitting Pouch in Silver, $20-$32

Pretty Cheep Project Bags- Loop Philly, $6.50

Leather tote- Anthropologie, $198

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