Not everyone has the chance to fly to a 3 day-long knitting convention in Columbus, Ohio and see all the new products for Fall. For that reason, theblackstitch is here to guide you through the styles and knitting fashions to come your way.


1. Debbie Bliss– Milano. I kid you knot. (pun included) This new DB yarn is 1. Not for babies 2. Not made from Cashmerino and 3. Can possibly be the most amazing thing to hit the shelves this Fall. It’s a Missoni like yarn that you will die for. Plus… the PATTERNS are actually the most beautiful, structured, classic knits I have seen this side of the universe in like forever. KUDOS DB, KUDOS! Patterns here.


2. FAUX FUR! You know I love it. It’s possibly the most talked about on theblackstitch. But hey, it never goes out of style, and the yarn just keeps on coming. Top 3 to look out for 1. Louisa Harding– Luzia 2. Prism– Plume and Plumette 3. S. Charles– Fast. Seriously, they are more exciting than any other faux fibers I’ve mentioned in the last 3 years. I promise.


Why not add Bergere to that list!

3. CHUNKY. I don’t mean old school Twinkle in size 19 needles. I mean like really chunky. As in-  go out and find yourself some size 50 needles and literally knit yourself a rug. My choice- Loopy Mango– Big Loop and Pagewood– Rug Bumps (neon colors, obviously).


4. KnitCrate– Have you heard? Yes, its pretty frickin’ awesome. Dont like shopping? Please say your answer is a big fat NO!! Either way, it doesn’t hurt to receive a hand-picked package each month with yarn, patterns, and most importantly some awesome swag. Sign up here.

5. Craftsy. Ever realized that while you are sitting at your desk at work, you could watch an actual curated knitting or craft class online, taught by some of the most highly respected teachers? Well if not… now you can. Or how ’bout when you have nothing to do but watch old Law and order reruns. Pick up quilting or cake baking. It is the future of learning. FOR REAL.


6. Hand- Dyed Yarns. I don’t always knit with them, but I just love to collect them. Every knitter loves a variegated yarn.  Top 3- 1. Koigu. I dont even need to tell you why. You know its the best. 2. Artyarns. I like it glitzy. 3. Prism. They have hand-dyed faux fur. Enough said.

7. NOVELTIES. Throw whatever you want in yarn and call it a day. FAVE? Knit Collage. Besides having one of the best booths at TNNA this year, I must said the little flowers in their yarn are just the cutest things ever.


8. Bags. Go Knits win in my book everytime. Practicality is key but, also, I like my purses and the Go Knit project bags fit perfectly right inside all my purses.

9. Faux Fur. It deserves another round of applause!

10. Last, but, not least- Be Sweet. Some pretty awesome accessories are in the works for fall. Stay tuned for my fave… the Magic Ball I- cord necklace. Perfect for any occasion.


Leave a comment and let us know your fave from our list, or something else that you think is the next big (knitting) thing for Fall!

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3 Responses to The SCOOP.

  1. Ljknits says:

    I can’t wait to knit that Debbie Bliss car coat. ooh- I love it.

  2. Fred Kimmelstiel says:

    the blackstitch is back!!!

    On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 1:27 PM, theblackstitch

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