HEY Crochet!

Let me start off by apologizing. Even though my mother has always taught me to never start a sentence with a negative, (Sorry mom! Oops I did it again), theblackstitch has been MIA for far too long, so I am taking the first lines of this black screen to apologize for the lack of posts in the past month. To blame: The GMATS.

Now with that off my chest, let’s move on to a word that has rarely graced the letters of this keyboard…

Even if you have been living under a rock the past few weeks, (that was not an insult, I was living under a rock. And by rock I mean Starbucks, under my Kaplan Book) then you would still know that crocheting is BBBBBB…ACK.

Vogue Knitting has announced the ultimate in CROCHET, AKA a magazine devoted to this hooked hobby. Say goodbye to granny squares and say welcome to chic lace tops. With crochet back in style, comes a little something I like to call the HIPPITY DIPPITY.

Take a sneak peak…

Take a peak above to see inside, or wait until May 2012 to flip through. It’s always better in your hand than on screen.  But, either way, if you want to be surprised, stop reading now! Below are theblackstitch’s top three crochet picks from this inaugural issue.

1. It’s dreamy. It’s see-thru. It’s everything I want for Summer 2012. Thank you Kristin Omdahl.

2. Once upon a time there was the cutest little clutch. Now I just need a fairytale ball and little princess gown. A prince charming wouldn’t hurt either!

3. I want to wear this everyday in every color. Always. I have nothing to say but FAB-U-LOUS all around.

The other day a male friend told me he saw some crazy woman knitting on the subway. Crazy because she only used one needle! To the crocheter on his subway car and us other crocheters out there…It’s back. Soon no one will confuse knitting with crocheting and the whole world will know the difference.

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