It’s probably more likely that your fave celeb is addicted to something other than knitting… but, there are a few Hollywood babes that have caught onto the knitting obsession. Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, have yet to spread this way of life to the entire entertainment industry, but either way, this has not stopped some well dressed celebs to flaunt some FAB-U-LOUS knitwear.

First up…

Sarah Jessica Parker

Knit in the City? Yes, please. Although SJP confirmed to sources she loves to knit from time to time, her busy schedule may have forced her to purchasing this hot piece of knitwear. For all of us not-so-famous people, let’s make some time to try to knit it ourselves.

Drops Sweater Pattern


Anne Hathaway

We watched this hot-mess turned pretty princess learn her high-end styles from the Prada devil herself. Let’s take to her color blocking ways and create a two-tone sweater to throw on just about anywhere, anytime.

Drops Pattern


Ashley Olsen

Cropped top wearing style goddess, Ashley Olsen, probably owns more sweaters than I have skeins of yarn. Is that even possible? Well, this short but ever so stylish top takes less yarn than a regular sweater… can you say bargain?? Try it yourself and maybe we’ll bring back the BABY T!

 © muriqui     awry by muriqui

© muriqui AWRY

Next up…

Selena Gomez

Let’s only speak of the scarf on this little Disney star… that maroon sweater, well it’s just a sweater. Sequins mixed with cashmere (C’mon I’m sure it’s cashmere) is one of the most fab things recently discovered by this little knitting industry. The best way to create this scarf lies in the little sequins of S. Charles Crystal.

S. Charles Crystal

onto the next victim…

Miley Cyrus

Wanna make it yourself?? THANK YOU to my new found love Inspiration & Realisation for creating probably an-even-better drop shoulder look alike so even if you didn’t want to look like Miley Cyrus, you can!

Inspiration & Realisation


Rachel Bilson

Ms. Bilson has fled The OC for a cooler climate. Make that Ireland? Irish Aran knits for all you advanced knitters out there. I dare you to make this one!

50 Knit Aran Stitches

 there’s more…

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Sweaters always look better on Victoria Secret Models. What a great choice of mohair colors for this intarsia creation. Best bet for a copycat… Be Sweet Boucle.

Be Sweet Medium Boucle


The new knitting inspiration.

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