Global warming may be the reason our winter knit accessories are living a schizophrenic lifestyle. But as the weather gets cooler and cooler this season, the major problem here is something possibly even more pressing… WHAT TO DO ABOUT TEXTING?

This may seem like a trivial issue for the future of this lovely planet and the environmental affairs affecting our day to day lives, but for many Americans, fingered gloves, while keeping us frost free, have proven to hinder our texting abilities. Can you possibly live when your covered fingertips leave you with only a choice of exposing them to the bitter winter air or the possibility of waiting minutes to respond to your loved ones??

The one and only (and I mean that with all my heart) Refinery29, has provided us techie addicted individuals with the best of the best texting gloves to hit the shelves since um… unlimited data plans??

“Catering to the very real need of tweeting/texting/Instagramming in the freezing cold, a gaggle of brands have wisely outfitted gloves with special touchscreen-friendly tips so you can keep that stream of TMI going no matter where you are. Check out our top 12 picks, and say buh-bye to numb Foursquare check-ins.” Refinery29

This slide show of gloves offers us endless possibilities to keep up with our texting social life, while remaining warm and healthy during the, at times, random cold fronts that have braced our cities this winter.


And as technology progresses, the knitting world must move with the times. Thus the influx of fingerless glove knitters, have proven to make these gloves the #1 hit on Ravelry and Knitty.com.

No more comments from fellow knitters- “Where are the fingers??” and hello to the newest rage in technology knitting. A new phenomenon- knitting to assist in the success of the technology industry. Who said knitting and technology didn’t mesh?

fingerless gloves

Courtesy of The Yarn Princess

A great free and easy pattern from the Princess herself. Thank you for sharing your fabulous pattern with us, so that even though our environment may be suffering, our social life will remain up and coming!

*theblackstitch would like to remind its readers to always take environmental issues very seriously. theblackstitch is a true recycler and composter, and most of all, believes knitting is a key component to a cleaner and safer environment. For more on that- be sure to check out its post on knitting green. “Green is more than just a color.”

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  1. ljknits says:

    I love to knit fingerless gloves and gauntlets, and handwarmers.They are the best.

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