THE REVIEW- Vogue Knitting WINTER 11/12

You may not have seen it yet. It may not have graced your mailbox. The pages have not yet been flipped. But for all you non believers out there… this issue is worth the wait. With only a few days left in 2011, this is THE fashion forward knitting magazine you’ve been waiting for.

theblackstitch compiled a list of the best of the best. (Of the best issue that is.)  But first we must commend the designers and editors behind this… can I say it… Avant Garde Issue. Maybe its not avant garde to the extreme but, it is the description of its title- VOGUE. Having spent a summer in those Soho offices as a college intern almost 5 years ago, knowing the time, effort, and man power that goes into each issue is mind blowing. So let us thank you Vogue Knitting for ending our year on its finest.

1. Let us start with the cover. Not to mention the Hottie Botottie model, whoever decided on HOT PINK font is a genius.  Grey + Hot pink = photoshop brilliance.

2. The home section. This happens so rarely… finally more pillows than socks. It’s about time. The number one creme de la creme… drumroll… is Tahki‘s Seed Stitch Ottoman Cover. Tripled “Big Montana“? Make way for some large and in charge yarn. And don’t forget to knit the matching pillow covers people!

3. THE Drape Front Sweater. There’s not much to say except kudos to Roberta Rosenfeld for designing an easy and fabulous piece. You #nailedit.
4. Who said turbans weren’t all the rage? You’re right, no one! This headdress is a new take on the classic hat and headband. We’re into it.

5. This may be the first time when Vogue Knitting has actually started the trend. I do not lie. Knitted Skirts. Dare I mention that one of my first major projects was a lace skirt from Interweave Knits magazine. But hey, I have always been a little before my time! Whether there was a drama filled debate on Facebook about knitted skirts or not, Vogue has done them justice. Especially with this Missoni look-a-like…

So once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU Vogue Knitting for doing it right in 2011!

For the entire collection

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