Lions and Tigers and Bears. O MY!

"lions and tigers and bears, o my!"

I swear this will be the last animal related post of the year. (Good thing it’s December 13th… ) Even though, real furs and skins are not my forte, animal print is by far an all time fave. (Faux- that is!) Besides fur knits and stoles, the most fabulous purchase of the season were my Boutique 9 tiger wide heeled pumps.(They’re on sale now!) As I learned at a young age, you simply can’t live without animal print shoes.  But that’s a story for another time.

The Debbie Bliss Magazine hit newsstands this holiday season with the promise for simple but wearable sweaters, cute baby dresses, and maybe some more of her cashmerino empire. But when flipping towards the end of this almost new periodical, no one was ready for the incredible and intricate graphs that braced the pages of this $7.99 purchase.

Seriously if you love intarsia half as much as I do, then pick up this mag before it’s too late. (No, really they do go out of print. It happens. I swear.) Decorate your apartment, house, or abuse the charts whichever way you please. You literally can’t go wrong.

debbie bliss pillow

And because this is promised to be theblackstitch’s final animal frenzy this year, you must also ready yourself for the ENTIRE tiger head charted for your delight at the end of this issue. IT IS UNREAL. RAWR!

(sorry for the blurry photos, but that should make you go pick up this issue ASAP!)

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2 Responses to Lions and Tigers and Bears. O MY!

  1. debbie says:

    Thank you for the great mention, you can never go wrong with animal print to my way of thinking although shame the puppy has just eaten my leopard print shoes.

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