Cape Town

No not the southeast tip of Africa, but this concrete jungle called New York City has become one CAPE filled island. Fortunately for us knitters, there are thousands of patterns for fabulous over coats replicating this new found trend. And more fortunately for you, theblackstitch has done the research.

Fashion Capes

Granted, depending on your locale, cape weather can either last for a hot minute, or if you are fortunate maybe all season long. If the latter, lucky you for never having to break out those massive pouffy North Face monstrosities.  MORE FASHIONABLE CAPES! click there. seriously.

SO now for some knitted triangular pieces with arm slits which scream fashion right this very second. Before you start these knitting projects, make sure you have a purse that does not need to be thrown over your shoulder. (Screams trouble) Plus you will definitely need to make matching gloves or armwarmers for your bare limbs exposed to the elements.

knitted cape

Vogue Knitting Fall 2011

knitted cape

City Cape in Custom Knits

knitted cape

Lana Grossa Cape

knitted cape

Kim Hargreaves Cape

Knitted Cape

Drops Cape

knitted cape

Lion Brand Honey Comb Cape

Guess Little Red Riding Hood was fashionable before her time. 

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3 Responses to Cape Town

  1. Connie says:

    Love the capes this season..they’re SOOO easy to knit!!

  2. Laurie K says:

    what amazing capes!

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