Channel Your Inner Chanel.

chanel logo

It’s about time theblackstitch dedicate an entire post to one of the most inspiring designers of all time. Coco Chanel has shaped this fashion frenzied world from clothing to makeup to its unforgettable fragrance: Chanel no. 5.

Besides the recognizable logo, the Chanel sweater jacket is most likely the most sought after and copied look to hit runways anywhere. In the knitting world… that Chanel inspired jacket is a go to move by designers, knit shops, and yarn companies everywhere.

For your own chance at this sought after look, check out some of these patterns and books from these sought after knit-wear designers.

chanel knitted jacket

Another Coco Jacket by Sally Melville

"Greetings from Knitcafe" By Mary Heather Cogar

Chanel Knitted Jacket

"Luxury Knitting" by Linda Morse

For the entire Chanel Ready to Wear 2012 collection see below. It’ll blow your mind.

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