Fuzzy Wuzzy…

… was a bear?? Lets hope not for the sake of this blog.

Fur is in and by in- we mean everywhere. Runways, storefronts, department stores, and most importantly YARN. Faux Fur yarn is literally the absolute rage this season!

Take a peek at four glorious furs shown this season- to give you warmth for the upcoming months.

fur cape

fab fur cape- Barneys.com

fur vest

long fur vest- Barneys.com

fur cowl- Barneys.com

fur stole- Barneys.com

Now how bout you knit them yourself??? Anny Blatt has blessed us with NUMEROUS patterns that not only allow you to make these exceptional furs yourself, but spare the lives of all those furry creatures!

Knitted Fur Stole

Knitted Fur Vest

Knitted Fur Skirt

Knitted Fur Coat

Now let us not forget that the most recent issue of Vogue Knitting has quite the fur cowl, designed by the all mighty Vladimir  Teriokhin.

VK Fur Cowl


For the very first time- access to an original pattern from “theblackstitch”


Gold zippers down the front and wrists

theblackstitch FUR JACKET!

Click below for the exclusive and free faux fur jacket pattern!


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