Chile me Silly

It’s a known fact that South America has a flourishing yarn and knitting industry, and that most of the Alpacas and llamas we see are Chilean, Peruvian, or Bolivian. So when at the gift show this week, it was not that crazy to see a huge Chilean booth, swarmed with knits and yarns to make any knitter go crazy. From felted necklaces to bobbled bags, to garter stitch slippers, and even yarn crafted jewelry, this booth was where it’s at! Here’s a few of their samples to whet your appetite!

Chile truly is cutting edge…

Yarn necklaces, rings, and bracelets!

Knitted shoes!

Felted Necklaces

Bobbled purse

Here is a list of the fabulous Chilean venders, check out their websites and incredible pieces of knitwear!




Chantal Bernsau


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  1. the Costavolcano Page is

    best regards!!

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