Schlepping in Style.

We all know bags go in and out of style almost as fast as shoes. And while finding a great durable and stylish purse can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack, there is no need to have the same scavenger hunt when searching for the perfect knitting pouch or bag.

Not protecting your WIP (work in progress) from outside influences can be almost as destructive as leaving it in the backseat of taxi and not getting his license number. Leaving it unprotected or loose may lead to drop stitches, unraveling, or getting caught and tangled on your keys and that can be the sad end of your project. So choose some of the following stylish pouches and never have to deal with such a catastrophe! Besides, one can never have too many of these stylish carry-alls!!


Totes in every color- Baggu, $8


Plastic Pouch- Kate Spade, $70

Knitting Bag

Knitting Bag- SUCCAPLOKKI, $46

knitting leather pouch

Leather Medium Pouch- American Apparel, $50

knitting pouch

GoKnit Knitting Pouch in Silver, $20-$32

Pretty Cheep Project Bags- Loop Philly, $6.50

Leather tote- Anthropologie, $198

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