Come on out!

The yarn-bombing phenomenon has exploded internationally, and as a result, knitting has not only become a more recognized hobby, but, it has become a popular trend among all walks of life.

Two weeks ago marked another World Wide Knit in Public Day (KIP). So we think to ourselves, Is this really a hobby or a way of life? Creating a garment is more than just shopping for the newest designer sweater to hit the shelves at Bloomies. Now, when taking the subway it is not uncommon to sit in the same car with a fellow knitter. This kind of camaraderie is a sisterhood/brotherhood that other crafts just don’t have. You can’t sew in public, string a necklace, or even throw a ceramic bowl- so we are the lucky ones to show off our creativity in a public setting.

knitting in public

A favorite thread on RAVELRY lets you share your knitting and crocheting spottings when on public transportation in NYC. It is always exciting when a member spots someone “knitting on big needles with orange metallic yarn” and the owner chimes in claiming that she was, in fact, the one on the “uptown 6 train at 430pm Friday”. Plus, you then learn- who she is knitting for, what she is knitting, and where she bought the yarn. The connections are endless in this industry and how lucky are we to have them!

World wide knit in public day

This community is so unique that we must present it to the public every which way. Talk to your fellow knitters when you see them in the park, on the bus or in your neighborhood. Don’t be shy!

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One Response to Come on out!

  1. opaugh says:

    straight, grandpa of 3 father of 4,love my wife love the sport of knitting. is that ok ? i hide it …like a junkie…or something but it help me recover from 2 strokes….pops…

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