Chunky Funky

Lucky to see the new yarns before the rest of the world, you become privy to the new styles and trends that are engulfing the fiber frenzied world. So- first up for a yarn review preview this season- is the large and in charge chunkies that will invade yarn stores everywhere. Get ready.

Wenlan Chia, the brains behind the superbulky “Twinkle” yarn, that sells out in five seconds each winter season, started the trend of big thick yarn perfect for winter accessories. Check out her fab designs and ready to wear collection for knitting inspiration. Now add about a hundred more ultra thick yarns to the list and you will definitely be ready for Fall 2011.

Best news for the winter season is how fast our knitting will be finished! One hour of reality TV and you could have the entire back of your sweater finished… how bout that! But make sure you have size 19, 35, and even 50 needles. When we say chunky we mean CHUNKY!


Here is a list of some thick strings headed to your LYS… Some are not even online yet!

Ella Rae Mega

Schulana Basso

Filatura Di Crosa Cincilla

Knitting Fever Riviera

Debbie Bliss Paloma

Bouton d’Or Yarn Mistral

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2 Responses to Chunky Funky

  1. perhentians says:

    this is a nice pairing with the leopard print tights. animal prints + chunky knits + military boots = instant hit

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