The Afternoon with McQueen- An Exhibit Spotlight

Knitting may not have been Alexander McQueen‘s go to craft, but when it comes to couture fashion and design, he is most definitely the head of the monarchy.

In the past 5 months theblackstitch has explored trends from the runways, on the streets, and the current knitting scene. All these ideas were seen throughout the artwork at the McQueen exhibit. He truly was a master of fashion in every possible way. It was extraordinary to see the flowers, the feathers, the lace, the color, and most of all the silhouettes. He uses color and texture beyond the imagination. Whether it was a gown made from clam shells or ostrich feathers, or shoulder pads from alligator heads, this man defied all rules and preconceptions. Mr. McQueen is not your typical fashion designer. He is  first and foremost an artist and his concentration is fashion.

 “He is not just a fashion designer but a real artist.”

– Onlooker at the museum.

Unfortunately photographs we not allowed, but hopefully that will force you to venture to the museum yourself. Below are a few postcards to whet your appetite. Don’t want to spoil it!

Post Cards from the Exhibit

So… If you live in or near NYC, or will be visiting at some point this summer, you must take a day to visit the McQueen Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You MUST. Unless you have a membership and can bypass the hundreds of people in line, then it might just take an hour or so to explore the inner thoughts, designs, and artwork of the most fabulous Alexander McQueen.

The tour is breathtaking and the artwork is sensational. The colors, textures, and fabrics are mind blowing, but most of all his work is INSPIRATIONAL.

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2 Responses to The Afternoon with McQueen- An Exhibit Spotlight

  1. Deborah says:

    i.cannot.wait. MUST SEE!!! he was my god. Fall 2008 was the most inspirational collection ever.

  2. Wow, I really want to see this.

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