Do good.

Knitting produces so many different and affirmative outcomes. You can spend time creating and designing gorgeous clothes and accessories, use your hands in a relaxing manner, make gifts for friends, family, and the home, take your mind off more stressful things, and use fibers that you might not normally get to touch or wear. But what if while doing all of the above, you also were giving back to local communities, job creation programs, and those in need?

Here a few yarn companies who are doing that very thing while offering us an array of beautiful yarns for us to enjoy.

Mirasol Yarns– A Peruvian yarn company with exotic natural fibers such as Llama, Alpaca, and Pima cotton makes sure with each purchase, they give back to the disadvantaged communities in the Andes where the yarns are created. Their “Mirasol Project” donates proceeds from yarns sales to create schools and help the herders and shepherds and their families. Check out their website for local stockists and online retailers.

Be Sweet– Be Sweet was created by the wonderful Nadine Curtis who envisioned sharing and expanding the creativity that she found in South Africa. “Be Sweet works with job creation programs to give artisans the confidence and the means to support themselves and their families in otherwise economically depressed regions.”  This company also gives back with donations to educational programs in South Africa. Because South Africa is the world leader in production of Mohair yarns, Be Sweet is known for their colorful boucle, fine mohairs, and soft textures true to that area. Check out their website for color cards and details.

Manos del Uruguay- Hand dyed and craft spun merinos and cottons are the reason these yarns have such an incredible following. And while the yarns speak for themselves, the creators of these fibers are the ones to be following. Manos was created by women who wanted to promote economic and social development among the indigenous women in the rural areas of Uruguay. Manos yarn is carried in many stores and widely available online. Check out their website for more details-

So the next time you are in your local yarn store, ask the shop staff if they carry any yarns from companies that give back to the communities that produce their fiber. If you are having difficulty choosing between two yarns for your next project, maybe this post will help you make up your mind. Check for brochures or descriptions on or around the tag of the yarn for information. Look for words like fair-trade, FLO (Fair trade Labeling Organization), and WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). Check theblackstitch’s previous post on green eco friendly yarns. The combination of Fair Trade and Eco Friendly make a hell of a good yarn!

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