Something Old, Something New

Who doesn’t love vintage these days? Well constructed garments have become a thing of the past, forcing savvy shoppers to look to used or gently worn clothing for fine well made garments. While trendy clothes have become accessible to mainstream consumers, true quality construction has been thrown out the window.

Vintage is so in these days that previously worn clothing has become more and more expensive and second hand shops have popped up at every corner (and not only in Brooklyn).  But, when it comes to knitting, we have the luxury of finding that old time quality and recreating it with new yarns- and more likely much less itchy fiber than those created in a past generation.  Vintage patterns have surfaced as the internet has allowed pattern sharing and scanning of Great Aunt Mildred’s old pattern collection.

Take this site for example Glamarama – Among its free vintage patterns is this cute cape from 1956.

Or this incredible purse from the 1940s-

Patterns were not only more elaborate, but knitters relied on these looks for each season. Popular and trendy fashion were available only to the very wealthy. However, because of the popularity of knitting, the average woman turned to knitting to be provided the alternative, especially with no H and M around the corner. Next time your looking for a knitting project don’t forget to look back to your grandmother’s stash. Timeless fashions are only fingertips away.

Some other vintage pattern resources:

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One Response to Something Old, Something New

  1. Ljknits says:

    gotta go look thru some old patterns. um… inspiration here I come.

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