The Bigger the Better

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. It’s time for knitters to answer the age old question “What do I knit as the weather gets warmer??”. Fortunately this season, fashion forward hand knitters have it easy- Open knits are everywhere.

Urban Outfitters Catalog Spring 2011

Like the look above, simple sweaters, knit t-shirts, and open tanks are all the rage. We can pack away the small needles that we all dread for light weight summer knitting, and keep out the chunky sticks that we played with all winter.

Michael Kors Spring 2011

There is a recurring theme with these open knits- big needles, simple stitches, and light colors. These three concepts help form the perfect staple garment this season. Whether its your spring warmth or your summer night time cover up, this is a flattering look for all. With this in mind, there are many ways to manipulate these simple designs to make them your own.

1.  Yarn- glitz, linens, tape, and ribbons. Perfect for summer weather.

2. Needle size- The bigger the more open. Hey, how about even changing it up within the sweater? (look back at post “Outside the Knitting Stitch”. Rodarte does it, why can’t you?)

3. Stitches- Yarn overs are the essentials of this look. They definitely increase the speed of productivity and add a different and unique appearance to your project. And, for you more advanced knitters… lace is always a gorgeous addition to these open knits.

4. Ribbing- tight ribbing contrasts with the openwork to create a more wearable and stylish garment.

5. Shape- Most of these sweaters have drop shoulders meaning limited shaping and a quick and easy completion. What more could you ask for???

Inhabit Spring 2011

Inhabit Spring 2011














The knit is simple and easy but the look totally sexy and chic. These garments are in every designer’s spring line, so now it’s your turn to add it to your knitting queue!

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  1. Ljknits says:

    may just have to make one of these sweaters.

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