Graffiti? No it’s Yarn!

A new generation of graffiti has emerged. It is not only eco friendly but is a fiber based art form giving new attention to the knitting community. Gone are the days of spray paint and bubble letters… hello wrapping trees, telephone poles, and bicycles with all the shades of the rainbow.

Known as Yarn bombing, it is the rage among Knitters of all ages who have wrapped their cities in yarn ranging from natural fibers to acrylics.

But besides the de-stashing of your yarns whats the point of this yarn bombing phenomenon?? Its obviously a beautiful innovative way to decorate your city.  However, the most important outcome of this craze is the publicity the fiber world has received. Emails, youtube videos, and facebook posts have flooded the internet with those sharing their yarn bombing spottings! This is only the beginning of the new younger generation of knitters acknowledging and promoting this craft.

For some more yarn bombing reading check out:

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Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti

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4 Responses to Graffiti? No it’s Yarn!

  1. ljknits says:

    Those are the only bombs that add color to the world. beautiful use of fiber. Beautiful art form.

  2. Tammy says:

    If you want to see some great city yarn bombing, come to Philly!

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