Orange You Glad…

2005 project “The Gates” - Central Park, featured 7,500 orange structures along the park’s pathways.

New York City is once again flooded with the color orange…

Orange is Spring 2011- all over the runways and in the newest yarns for this season. Not always my go to color, but it seems to be everyone else’s. Pastels are in and not leaving until fall. Vogue Knitting received the memo and created a story in the newest issue.


Prada and Marc Jacobs started the trends at Fashion Week in the beginning of the month…


Marc Jacobs RTW Sp 2011

Prada RTW Sp 2011













Many of our favorite yarns have introduced shades ranging from coral to pumpkin and from melon to mandarin  for their Spring Collections, making it only easier for us to knit our own fashionable spring/summer collections.

S. Charles Eclipse

Debbie Bliss Eco Aran Cotton

Schulana Fashion Silk

Louisa Harding Mulbery Silk

Artyarns Silk Pearl


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One Response to Orange You Glad…

  1. Jordie says:

    Those orange yarns are amazing!!

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