Outside the Knitting Stitch

Rodarte Knits

Rodarte designs are unlike any other. They use color, fiber, and stitches that most knitters would be reticent to integrate into their garments. Drop stitches are never mistakes, but intentional design elements set to distinguish these fabrics from anything ordinary. Rodarte Fashion Week Spring 2011

Barneys New York (2.22.11)

These pieces of wearable art are unique in knitwear. The changes in fiber, needle size, and stitch make it difficult to copy or translate into hand knitting. However, there are similar yarns and designs that mimic the same appearance and style for knitters. Be Sweet‘s Magic Ball, shown below, is a great yarn that changes gauge and fiber similar to that of Rodarte. Although, many Rodarte garments are not the most wearable everyday looks, the magic ball creates fabulous scarves and shawls that provide a similar style to Rodarte sweaters.


Be Sweet Magic Ball

Magic Ball Shawlette

Prism Stuff, is another yarn that reminds knitters of their endless possibilities as designers. “Stuff”, as its name dictates, is a large skein of tied together fibers, hand dyed in the scrumptious colors of Prism’s creator, Laura Bryant. These yarns also resemble the unique look of the high end designer styling.

Prism Stuff

The most recent issue of Rowan Magazine, features a section on student design work, which resembles the same textured looks as Rodarte. These are not only hand knitted designs, but exceptionally impressive ones. Kudos to these students.

Student Work in Rowan Magazine 49


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