Sweater Slippers- A New Phenomenon

Last week Poochkis.com was launched. This innovative new designer of knitted slippers uses novelty yarns to create one of a kind Italian pumps, slippers, and flats.

Poochkis calls these slippers “Bellissimo”– Knit from a baby mohair yarn with ribbons and glitz, these are not only the most original knit heels in the world, but they are beyond fabulous. Check them out at www.poochkis.com or read below for a quick description.

“Meet the first slipper that will accentuate your gorgeous legs and make you feel sexy, seductive and slim.

This platinum, high-heel slipper was hand-made in Italy and designed with you in mind. Only now can you strut around your home like it’s your personal catwalk.”

It is always exciting to see how knitting and crocheting can be shown in innovative and nontraditional ways. We always think of sweaters and winter accessories as our staple knits, but there are many high-end designers crocheting and knitting purses, belts, and now even shoes.

Crocheted Chanel Clutch


Prada Knitted Tote


Fendi Crocheted Hobo

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2 Responses to Sweater Slippers- A New Phenomenon

  1. ljknits says:

    another great post. thanks.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Love these POOCHKIS Bellissimo! Super hot!

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