Have you heard of Quince and Co.?

I stumbled upon this site one day right before its debut. I neglected to notice who the creators were. Pam Allen, notable knitwear designer and the once editor in chief of Interweave Knits (2003-2007) paired with Carrie Bostock Hoge, another distinguished knitwear designer, have put together a site that I feel is worth your time.

Quince has fairly simple knits for all you advanced beginners but appealing enough that any knitter would like. Be sure to sign up for their (not-so-often) email list for inspiration and wearable looks at an affordable price. www.quinceandco.com

Heres a look at yesterdays email.

My fave cowl from Quince. Not too difficult and totally cute, not to mention a great color!


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One Response to Have you heard of Quince and Co.?

  1. Ljknits says:

    this is a great cowl. Thanks for showing it.

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